Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ottawa Is Working On Requesting Motorcycle Parking Also

The great people in Ottawa are also working on a motorcycle/scooter parking petition and could use as much support as possible.

Let's get behind them because there is strength in numbers and if designated motorcycle/scooter parking became in the norm in major cities rather than the exception, it will be much easier on all of us!

You can sign Ottawa's petition here:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moto Liberty -- THANKS!

A big THANK YOU to Audrey & crew at Moto Liberty for getting behind the petition requesting Dallas implement designated motorcycle / scooter parking.

Moto Liberty also included a link to the petition in their recent email blast to customers and we saw a lot of new signatures immediately after the email went out.

Moto Liberty has shops in both Dallas & San Antonio and is voted one of the "Best Of" according to Ride Texas Magazine. Definitely check them out!

You can always sign the petition at this link:

Petition Count: 804

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Parking Story Example - Etienne

This is another example, in my book, about the lack of motorcycle/scooter friendly parking in Dallas.

I had to go to the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. At the time I was riding a Kymco Peopls S 250 scooter. I roll up to the gate in the pay parking lot. Big sign says no motorcycle parking allowed. So I park near the entrance to the office building where I was going. I go upstairs to the doctor office and ask about the parking near the entrance and they said it was not a good idea. But I said the parking lot as sign saying no motorcycles? In the end I moved it into the parking lot. When I go to leave, I pre-pay by walking up to the gate, and the attendant said “If you pre-pay, how I can let you out past the gate? I said it does not matter as I can ride past the gate!!!!”

Does this mean in the future if I go there I should just park in the parking lot and not take a ticket and hope I do not get towed?


If you would like to send your story in, please email it to us.

Petition Count: 779

The Latest From City Hall

Here is the latest from the City Hall side:

Public Works & Transportation Assistant Director John Brunk, appears to be heading up this issue. He wishes to investigate the issue and possibly meet with us. While there is no commitment that this initiative will be recommended to the City, it appears they are taking it seriously enough to conduct some research into the viability.

If it is presented to the Transportation & Environment Committee, then it WILL be an OPEN meeting to the public. At that time, we will need to make our presence known.

The petition is still receiving many signatures daily so PLEASE keep them coming and tell your friends to make their voices heard as well! The petition can be signed at this link:

Also, feel free to email us any real-life stories you have about motorcycle/scooter parking issues.

Petition Count: 756

Monday, June 9, 2008

Parking Story Example - Maria

Maria, who signed the petiton requesting motorcycle/scooter parking in Dallas, sent us this email about a challenge she ran into trying to park at Preston Center.

If you have a story you would like to share as an example to the city, please email it to us!

As the owner of a Mercedes ML Diesel, a Ducati S2R 800 Monster, and an Aprilia Scarabeo 50cc scooter, I have options when getting around Dallas.

Yesterday, I exercised the option of using the scooter to get a quick sandwich at Preston Center. As I navigated the heavy lunchtime traffic in the parking garage, I found a sidewalk spot under the garage to put the scooter on the center stand. As I took my helmet off, the security car honked at me and the female security officer told me “you can’t park on the sidewalk.” I then asked her “Where is the motorcycle and scooter parking please?” and she replied “What? There is none.” So I said, “Then you must want me to take an entire car spot with all this traffic looking for a parking place?” and she replied “yes.” So, I did.

What a pain, and the entire time it took for me to get my sandwich “to go” it stressed me out that a car would peel into the space and cream my scooter.

Another story of unfriendly Dallas parking policies for its citizens!

If you have a story you would like to share as an example to the city, please email it to us!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Email Us Your Stories

As the City is begining to take notice of the request to implement designated motorcycles/scooter parking, the ball is in our court to prove our case.

Facts and figures like how many registered bikes there are in the Dallas area, how many designated spaces other cities have allotted, etc., are easy to come by.

While many of you have left comments on the petition when you signed it, it's important for the City to know some of the challenges we are running into regarding the bikes and parking.

If you have a particular story you would like to share to illustrate some of the challenges, please feel free to email those to: We will compile the stories as further illustraion of what tax paying voting motorcycle/scooter owners are going through!

If you've not signed the petition yet, you may do so here:

Petition Count: 614

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pegasus News Post & Discussion on Motorocycle Parking Petition

Pegasus News has a lively discussion going on about the merits of the motorcycle only parking.

Thank you to John Meyer for posting the info!

You can sign the petition here: